Youth Peace Movement History

The SEA “Youth Peace Movement” (YPM) was founded in 2008 in response to violence faced daily by underserved Los Angeles youth living in marginalized communities. YPM works to empower young people to abandon violence and react peacefully to life’s challenges.

Currently, SEA YPM runs 17 youth groups, which operate at each of our SEA school sites. Each of these groups is guided by an adult mentor. During YPM meetings, SEA youth plan communal actions for peace – actions based on a series of ten “Global Calls to Action” created by Nobel Peace Laureates.

Youth Peace Movement Purpose

The SEA Youth Peace Movement is composed of youth groups and mentors. The YPM empowers, motivates, promotes and encourages the evolution, growth and participation of young people in finding creative and peace-filled solutions to today’s world problems. Their involvement is accompanied by trainings, mentors, dedicated adults and global leaders. This movement into peace unlocks their inner strengths, talents, creativity, and dedication. This process transforms them into leaders, models and guides to their own peers. They learn that peace, love, and compassion are stronger than violence, hatred and revenge.

SEA'S Youth Peace Movement is expanding. SEA's Youth Peace Movement is currently active in:

  • All of SEA schools
  • Chicago
  • Congo