Become an Instructor

Are you interested in becoming a parenting instructor? Our Parenting Instructor course can teach you the skills and tools required to conduct your own parenting lessons, using SEA’s “Parents Helping Parents” curriculum.

In just five days, you will develop new and proactive parenting and teaching skills, which can be taught to others in an atmosphere of respect, love and compassion. You will develop tools to relate with other parents on a deeply personal and emotional level, and will build critical relational and communication skills.

The objectives of the parenting instructor training are:

  • To instruct parents to use the PHP Curriculum to reduce family violence
  • To help parents become compassionate instructors who can empower others to tap into their inner wisdom and strength
  • To teach nonviolent interventions for negative behaviors
  • To help parents identify and solve relational problems
  • To help parents build the teaching skills necessary to conduct parenting classes
  • To teach parents how to create, acquire and use written teaching materials Registration for Parenting Instructors Course

If you are interested in registering for a parenting instructors course, please complete this Registration Form. First time registrants will need to submit a payment of $450.00 before June 3, 2013 or $500.00 on or after June 4, 2013. This payment and the completed registration form should be mailed to:

Sr. Ines Telles

222 N. Virgil Ave. 

Los Angeles, CA 90004