SEA Alumni Project

Are you a recent SEA graduate? Are you looking for guidance and support as you take the crucial next steps in your life after high school? Many young adults find themselves confused in the difficult years after high school, facing questions like “How can I pursue a college education?” or “How do I start a career?” The SEA Alumni Project was created to provide a support system to recent SEA graduates to help them achieve their future goals.

Students in the SEA Alumni Project will meet weekly to discuss their personal objectives, and develop strategies to achieve those objectives. The project will also provide graduates an opportunity to give back to their community, as they serve as mentors for current SEA students.

Finally, students participating in the project will experience the joy of becoming member of a global society. Students will learn about the work of leading global peacemakers, and will apply that knowledge within their own communities.

Join the SEA Alumni Project today, and start building a path to a more rewarding future!


The SEA ALUMNI PROJECT supports and guides young adults to help them meet their needs, achieve their goals, development inner strength, and pursue higher education. We encourage and empower young adults to enhance their talents, creativity and leadership skills, shifting negative and violent programming towards positive and peaceful self-identity. We encourage young people to thrive as individuals, work in unison, and use their individual talents to create change in their communities and connect globally.